Engineering of any product begins with a clear road map about your business, which helps you take the right path to its growth. Having a concept of the product that you need to bring into the market differs vastly from executing it. Actually developing the tangible product or service is only a small part of the new product development process, which includes the complete journey from generating the initial idea to bringing the product to market.


Vardaan’s services work on all the areas of the development process. By setting out the steps involved, and collaborating with your engineering teams, the product development will become a more focused and flexible cutting all the barriers like Cost, time to the market.


Our Solutions and Services are tailored made to support each of the product domains like Aerospace, Automotive, Heavy Engineering, Appliances and Industrial Segments. Vardaan offers best in class solutions and would like to position as most preferred partner.

Our Services

  • 1. Mechanical Drawing Services

    • 2D drafting and details
    • Component drawings
    • 3D Modeling & assembly
    • Product Development
    • Bill of Materials
  • 2. Mechanical Design Services

    • Conceptual Design
    • Product Development Design
    • Machine Designs
    • Utilities – Piping, Pumps, Cooling Towers etc
    • Plant Layout
    • Equipment Design
    • Reverse Engineering


Manufacturing Engineering

We undertake BIW  Welding Fixture Assembly Line : Process Engineering, Simulation, 3D Concept & 2D Drafting with Documentation

Industrial Automation Line & SPM’s : Design & Development, Verification & Validation, Production Support, Manuals

Material Handling Equipment & Solutions : Platforms, Conveyors & Elevators

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Vardaan performs reverse engineering with a thorough analysis of hardware or software to deduce any design features that we can emulate. However we do not replicate or plagiarise the technology, rather, we set to leverage the technology and design features to provide an improvised version.

How We Work


    The first step to making any prototype is the ideation and conceptualising. Once the concept is clear, we move on to putting the concept into a design and resurfacing and rendering. We also undertake a benchmarking analysis to see the market and the competition. We estimate the costing, sourcing and then set out to design the product. The next step in the process is the prototyping.

  • Design and Engineering

    During the design stage there is a study of the packaging, predictive analysis which involves meshing, CAE, durability, fatigue, NVH and crash detail design. We also do dimensional management with 3D/2D tolerance stack up.

  • Post Production

    The post-production involves continuous design support through our CIP (CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMS). We do a thorough VA (Value Analysis) and VE (Value Engineering).